Box Office / Will Call Information

The Alice Sparks Box Office Hours & Information
  • Hours of Operation:
    • Monday – Friday 10:00am – 5:00pm.
    • Hours are subject to change for event on-sales
  • Accessible Seating: 1-800-745-3000
  • Address: 500 Nunn Drive, Highland Heights, KY 41099
  • E-mail Address:
Ticket Ordering Information

Tickets to upcoming events may be purchased at:
  • The Bank of Kentucky Center Box Office
  • Charge-by-phone at 1-800-745-3000
  • All Ticketmaster outlets
Please note: Tickets can only be purchased over the phone through the Ticketmaster charge-by-phone number. The Bank of Kentucky Center Box Office cannot accept ticket orders over the phone.

Consumer Warning - The Bank of Kentucky Center uses bar code scanning for ticket admissions. As a result, fans should be careful when purchasing tickets and should make sure the seller is a The Bank of Kentucky Center Ticketmaster licensed contractor, such as The Bank of Kentucky Center Box Office, all Ticketmaster outlets, Ticketmaster by phone, and Otherwise, you may be purchasing a ticket that is invalid and will be denied admission!

Building Policies

As part of an effort to provide a safe and comfortable environment for our guests and tenants, The Bank of Kentucky Center management has included numerous safety and protective measures to our building policies. With strict enforcement of these measures, The Bank of Kentucky Center can strive to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for our guests. As such, no exceptions to the following polices will be made.

Reentry Policy
Guests will not be allowed to leave an event and then return for that same event.

Guest Services
Guest Services is located on the concourse level across from the entrance to sections 110.

Baggage Policy
Baggage such as bags, briefcases, backpacks, and luggage are strictly prohibited. Guests entering The Bank of Kentucky Center are subject to search at the discretion of The Bank of Kentucky Center. The Bank of Kentucky Center will provide no storage area for baggage.

Food and Beverage Policy
Guests of The Bank of Kentucky Center are not permitted to bring food or beverages into the premises.

Camera Policy
No video or audio recording devices are permitted on The Bank of Kentucky Center premises. Generally, cameras with non-professional lenses are allowed at events.

Prohibited Items
The following items are strictly prohibited at The Bank of Kentucky Center: drugs, weapons of any kind, baggage, noisemakers, or laser pointers.

Smoking Policy
Smoking is not permitted inside The Bank of Kentucky Center; however a designated smoking area is located outside the building and is accessible via the concourse level.

Handicap Facilities
The Bank of Kentucky Center offers convenient and easy handicap facilities. For information, please contact 859-442-2652.

On-sale Lottery Procedures

Lottery Procedures for Event On-sale Dates
  • Lottery tickets begin to be handed out at 8:00 AM in front of The Bank of Kentucky Center Box Office.
  • Every person who arrives before 9:30 AM will be issued a lottery ticket. A raffle ticket guarantees a place in line not a ticket.
  • At 9:30 AM the tickets are shuffled and one ticket is drawn. The person who has the matching ticket number is the first person in line. The line is then continued by corresponding ticket number until the last ticket number dispersed has been placed in line. The line than continues with the first ticket number given out.
For Example: 100 people are issued raffle tickets for an on-sale. The lottery draws number 47 to be first in line. Everyone stays in numerical order. Number 48 becomes second in line, 49 third, and so on. Those with ticket 1-46 line up in numerical order after the last ticket is handed out.

  • One numbered ticket per customer
  • Numbered ticket will only be honored at the location where it is received.
  • Numbered tickets are non-transferable.
  • Persons who get more than one lottery ticket will be disqualified from the on-sale.
  • Persons who arrive after 9:30 AM will be held in a separate line and then placed behind the line of lottery ticket holders.
  • The Bank of Kentucky Center reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who does not abide by the polices.
  • Only one form of payment will be accepted per customer's ticket order.
  • A maximum of 8 tickets will be sold per customer.
Frequently Asked Questions
Why does a lottery system take place?
For a number of reasons which include:
  • It helps to prevent scalping.
  • Ensures that everyone has the same opportunity to be first in line.
  • Prevents lines from interfering or be interfered with other events at The Bank of Kentucky Center.
  • It provides an orderly process for major event on-sales.
Where Can I Camp out?
Camping out is prohibited and it would serve no purpose to arrive at the box office before 8:00 AM.

I still have questions, is there someone to talk to?
If you have any questions regarding the lottery process please contact 859-442-2652. Also please feel free to speak with The Bank of Kentucky Center representative that will be conducting the lottery.
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