Street Team Opportunity

  • Go out to stores, restaurants, gyms, malls, bars, etc. that are located around where you live or where you are going out to already. (So it’s not out of your way)
  • Ask a manager or employee if you can drop-off Flyers and/or Posters about certain shows/events that are coming to The Bank of Kentucky Center at their place of business.
    • Business that you went to
    • The location of that business
    • A manager’s name or a name of a person that works there that you spoke to
    • Sometimes take a picture of the poster or flyers that are distributed so that we can show the event’s promoters.
  • For every location that you visit and distribute Flyers/Posters, you will earn $2 in Ticket Credit to a selected event of your choice at The Bank of Kentucky Center.
  • Sometimes we might ask people if they are available to work a table for us, and distribute flyers/posters about shows, at different events, such as RiverFest.
    • o By doing this you will earn ONE FREE TICKET to an event at The Bank of Kentucky Center for every 6 hours that you work.
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